The Conference Funds Policies are changing starting July 1st, 2017!! For further details please click here. If you are travelling after July 1st, this applies to you!!

Applying for the SGA Conference Funds

Each academic year, a portion of the Student Activity Fee collected from all students is placed into 2 Conference Funds (Undergraduate & Graduate), to support any currently enrolled Georgia Tech student who travels to present research at a conference. This fund is designed as a secondary source, to complement departmental or sponsored funds that do not cover all costs incurred for a trip. Additional limitations apply to where and how this money can be used (see Information on SGA Conference Funds). The Vice President of Conference Funds oversees the distribution of the funds.

Both Travel Authority Requests (TARs, before you leave for the conference) and Travel Expense Statements (TESs, after you return from the conference) can be generated through Techworks. Undergraduate applicants will need to pick up a paper copy of their school’s TAR form, fill it out, scan, and submit. Undergraduates do not have access to the online TAR at this time. If you need help navigating this, please contact an accountant or administrative assistant within your respective School or College.

Applications are due 21 days prior to the departure date for travel, and should be completed via the eForm link below. Please allow 7-10 days for application processing.

Travel Expense Statements are also due 21 days following your return date and should be completed via Techworks. If you are not an employee of the institute and do not have access to Techworks, please have your accountant fill out a Non-Employee Expense Report and submit it to the Student Organizations Finance Office within the noted deadline.


NOTE: You should see a confirmation message after submitting the application. If you need assistantce, please email


Required Supplemental Documents:
  • Travel Authority Request
  • Copy of conference brochure showing registration fees
  • Verification of travel-related costs (airfare, hotel cost and tax, etc.)
  • Copy of acceptance letter or conference brochure/schedule verifying conference participation.
  • CoS/CoE PhD student only –  CoS Travel Supplement / CoE Professional Development Fund form
  • Undergraduate students only – Additional letter from your research advisor or supervisor, explaining your contribution to the project and why you should travel to present.


Undergraduate application:

Graduate application:


Other funding options:

Graduate students in College of Engineering or Sciences:

Undergraduate students: