Institute Committee Membership (Fall 2017 – Spring 2018)

Below is a list of the graduate student members serving on Georgia Tech Institute Committees, which set academic and administrative policies for various aspects of campus life. Graduate students are listed in bold and undergrads are unbolded and listed only in particular locations.

Standing Committees of the General Faculty

Faculty Executive Board and Senate Skanda Prasad
Faculty Benefits Committee Vineet Tiruvadi
Faculty Honors Committee Wilson Espinoza
Statutes Committee
Faculty Services Committee
Welfare and Security Committee (WSC) Souryadeep Bhattacharyya

Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty

Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC)  Henderson Johnson
Student Regulations Committee (Rules and Regulations Committee) Pavan Thaker
Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee Sat Balachander
Student Grievance(s) and Appeal(s) Committee Pavan Thaker
Student Honor Committee Pavan Thaker
Student Computer Ownership Committee
Academic Integrity Committee James Hite
Student Activities Committee Aroua Gharbi

Institute-Wide Committees

Campus Tree Advisory Board
Counseling Center Advisory Board Joy Kimmel, Jayati D. Athavale, & James Hite
arts@tech Strategic Planning Advisory Team
Georgia Tech Advisory Board Skanda Prasad
Georgia Tech Executive Board Skanda Prasad
Mandatory Student Fee Advisory Committee Skanda Prasad, Sat Balachander, Alec Kaye, Jackson Turnbull, Sujay Peramanu, Carson Silbert, Evie Owens, & Dev Mandavia
Counseling Committee Tapesh Joshi, James Hite, and Jayati Athavale
CIOS Task Force Narayan Shirolkar and Henderson Johnson
Technology Fee Committee Skanda Prasad, Sukanya Sharma, David Giles
Student Honors РAward Committee