Meet your 2017-2018 President and Vice President

It’s official! The 2017-2018 Georgia Tech Grad SGA President and Vice President will be Skanda Prasad and Vineet Tiruvadi. Skanda and Vineet will be sworn in on April 28th at the Grad SGA Banquet. Skanda, 3rd year PhD student was thrilled to hear the news of his victory. He said “I’d like to thank the graduate students for their support, and look forward to serving them in the new academic year. There is much work to be done in continuing their success and the example of previous SGA leaders, and I look forward to working with Vineet as we attempt to follow their example”. One of the challenges he mentioned was to make sure all graduate students get involved and join SGA to help grad-focused projects to succeed.

Newly elected Vice President, Vineet is a 4th year MD/PhD student. He has experience being a student senator in Georgia Tech and Emory. “I’m very grateful for the support of the GT Graduate Student community and look forward to serving as the Vice President of Graduate SGA next year”. His goal for this year is to engage with every grad student at Georgia Tech and to tackle all the challenges together.

Skanda and Vineet have worked on student health related issues and will continue to push for graduate student interests.