Sustainability Committee

The Student Government’s Sustainability Committee comprises of a group of students whose primary aim is to promote sustainability across campus and act as a liaison between different environmental groups.

Facebook Page

The Sustainability Committee's Facebook Page named Sustainability at Tech provides a regular update on all that is sustainability in and around Georgia Tech, Atlanta and the World in general. It is the one-stop shop for news on what promote and enhance sustainability on campus. 

The Silver Leaf Certification

This is an initiative of SGA's Sustainability Committee with the overarching goal of changing student behavior and promoting overall sustainable practices. It is a certification system that aims to identify, promote and incentivize student organizations that are sustainable in their operation.

The 'Silver Leaf' is in partnernship with Georgia Tech's Office of Solid Waste Management & Recycling (OSWMR), Office of Capital Planning & Space Management(OCPSM) and the Brook Byers Institute of Sustainable Systems(BBISS).

How it Works

The 'Silver Leaf' is designed to encourage recycling practices at student organization events. This is done in the following steps:

  1. The student organization looking to be 'Silver Leaf' ceritified will request a recycling container either from OSWMR's website directly or through provisions on the GT Events website. Please submit the request atleast one week in advance of the event.
  2. Given the event details, the OSWMR will send out the appropriate recycling containers to the specific locations at the required time and after the event is concluded, they will come by and collect those containers.
  3. It will be verified that the respective student organization has sucessfully completed their recycling responsibilites and the 'Silver Leaf' will then be awarded. One other such event will be required through the semester, to maintain that certification.


All student organizations chartered by the Student Government are eligible to apply for the Silver Leaf Certification.


Organizations involved in only one event per semester are still eligible for a Silver Leaf in their first semester


Silver Leaf is a great way to distinguish your organization from the hundreds of others on campus. It represents a commitment to increased recycling, reduced waste, a greener and healthier campus along with environmental stewardship in general.

The Silver Leaf adds to your organization's brand and establishes good will amongst the student body. Moreover, becoming a part of the Silver Leaf certified organizations on campus guarantees unprecedented visibility on our Committee's Facebook Page, SGA's website along with our partners' websites (BBISS, OSWMR and OCPSM). There is also a possibility for visibility through the Technique and recognition on JacketPages.

Email for more details and questions.

Please contact Maria Linderoth, Program Co-ordinator at the Office of Solid Waste Management & Recycling ( for questions about the recycling process.