COVID-19 Response Joint Governing Board (C-19R)

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 2nd @ 6:30p EDT


On March 18th and 19th, through a special legislative session in both the Undergraduate and Graduate bodies, SGA passed a resolution to allocate $50,000 to fund COVID-19 response efforts. These funds will be allocated by a Joint Governing Board with representation from both undergraduate and graduate students.

This board will take requests on ideas on how SGA can best support students during this time. More information regarding the charter of the board can be found here. For more information, please reach out to SGA’s Joint Vice President of Finance, Divyesh Gutta, at

What will funding be used for?

Funding proposals are intended to address concerns that students face as a result of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation at Georgia Tech under the following criteria:

  • Impact on the student body, in regard to the number of students impacted by the initiative
  • Severity of the need and/or situation being addressed, in regard to the direct needs of the student body
  • Timeliness of the need and/or situation being addressed
  • Limitations or lack of alternatives for the need and/or situation being addressed
  • Feasibility of deploying the initiative

Governing Board Members:

C-19R Governing Board Chair: Divyesh Gutta (Joint VP of Finance)

Graduate Members:

Undergraduate Members:

Previous Meetings

Governing Board Meeting 1: Friday, March 20th @ 5:00P EDT

Governing Board Meeting 2: Wednesday, March 25th @ 6:00P EDT