Robin Cornel
Joint Director of Sustainability

SGA has a robust Sustainability program designed to facilitate sustainability-focused discussions among campus departments, as well as assist student organizations with sustainability initiatives and promote zero-waste events. SGA’s Sustainability Committee is led by a Joint Director of Sustainability.

Mission of SGA Sustainability

“To increase the student body’s awareness of, participation in and excitement about personal sustainability, and to simultaneously work with campus administrators to increase sustainable infrastructure across the Georgia Tech campus.”


Sustainability Committee
Committee Chair:

The Sustainability Committee of SGA works to bring student sustainability ideas to the administration and further sustainability on Georgia Tech campus. We lead both infrastructural and student-facing initiatives ranging from the Plastic Film Recycling Pilot to Get WasteLess. Our efforts are focused on facilitating cooperation between our student body, administration, and staff in order to present a united front for Georgia Tech’s sustainability efforts in our interactions with the greater community.

Sustainability for Student Organizations

Students Organizing for Sustainability, or SOS, is a student-founded and student-run organization on the Georgia Tech campus that is dedicated to the promotion of environmental and economically sustainable practices in our community and on our campus. Currently, we have three action committees and allow students to run semester-long sustainability projects in teams. You will find us hosting events at the Community Garden, advocating for climate action at the State Capitol, inviting local professionals as guest speakers, and promoting sustainable communication with our Green Meetings!

Instagram: @sos.gatech
Facebook: @fff.gatech

ECO at Georgia Tech is a student lead organization focused on reviving the School of Architecture’s learning ecosystem for the betterment of the planet. We work to bring awareness of responsible material choices, to net-zero studio practices and to promote environmental wellness within our design community. Through education, awareness, and collaboration, ECO works to foster a sustainability minded design environment.


Sustainability Resources

Welcome to the Georgia Tech Sustainability Resources Drive!

This drive serves as a centralized resource of all things sustainability on campus. It is a living document that is updated periodically based on the progress Georgia Tech is making to become more sustainable. We hope this resource encourages you and others to be/become more sustainable on campus.

Because campus is constantly evolving and (hopefully) becoming more sustainable, there may be some outdated information. If you see something that you think isn’t correct, or if you think something is missing, please let us know by filling out the comments form on this drive. We will check on the relevant section and verify the current practice and/or information with the relevant department on campus.

Please also note that all the information on this drive has been externally verified and is correct as of the date listed at the bottom of each document. SGA Sustainability Committee is working with sustainability reps from around campus to ensure that information is updated when necessary and published in accordance with official Georgia Tech policies.

Simple Ways to be More Sustainable
  1.   Metal Straw (if you can)
  1. Reusable bags when grocery shopping
  1. Personal care items, no-packaging soap, shampoo, etc.
  1. Less fast fashion, more thrifting!
  1. Reusable Water Bottle (obvious but easy)
  1. Take shorter showers
  1. Open the windows on cool days instead of using the A.C.!
    1. Air Conditioning represents, on average, about 12% of each household’s energy consumption and in hot-humid environments (Atlanta), it can represent up to 30% of household energy use, making it a significant contributor to the release of greenhouse gases
Useful Contacts
Office of Solid Waste Management & Recyclinghttp://www.recycle.gatech.eduEmma BrodzikCampus Recycling
Office of Campus Sustainabilityhttp://www.sustain.gatech.eduSarah NevilleCampus Sustainability Project
Dining Services (Aramark) BarronSustainability
Facilitieshttp://www.facilities.gatech.eduMalte WeilandSustainability Project
Serve-Learn-Sustain Jennifer HirschExecutive Director of
The Kendeda Buildinghttps://livingbuilding.gatech.eduShan

Comment Form

We understand that students are very invested in sustainability on campus, and as your representatives to administration, we want to hear your concerns! Please use the comments form to ask your question or suggest information that you would like to see here. We will get back to you as soon as we can with what is being done in that area and what we can do moving forward.

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