Undergraduate Executive Branch

SGA’s Executive Branch works together to create policy, plan events, dispursue surveys, and initiate other projects to help progress campus initiatives and improve the student experience. From Campus Organizations to Academic Affairs, each Board is led by a Vice President– a member of the Executive Cabinet– who operates uniquely in a way conducive to achieving the goals of their respective branch. The Executive Branch is a cohesive team which strives towards a common goal of upholding the mission of the Student Government Association and being a powerful force for positive change on Georgia Tech’s campus.

President – Pooja Juvekar

The Student Body President sets the guiding mission and vision the entire SGA organization. They must ensure that SGA works to effectively empower student organizations, embody student opinion, preserve student integrity, and enrich the student experience. Primarily, the President serves as the formal student point of contact for news outlets, the state legislature, several Georgia Tech Board of Trustees, and other high-level advisory groups.

Executive Vice President – Haigh Angell

The Executive Vice President leads the Executive Branch of SGA. They must work to create a cohesive executive board, as well as develop the board as leaders. The Executive Vice President fills in for the President whenever they are unavailable, as well as undertakes special projects and initatives throughout the year.

Chief of Staff – Alice Francis

The Chief of Staff represents the interests of the President and Executive Vice President both within Student Government and outside of it through various meetings, projects, and conversations with campus partners. They also take on special projects for SGA, working in the space between other Cabinet members.

Joint Vice President of Campus Organizations – Venkatesh Muppaneni

The Joint Vice President of Campus Organizations (JVPCO) serves as a resource for campus organizations. They advocate on behalf of campus organizations’ interests, both inside SGA and beyond. Working closely with the Center for Student Engagement, the JVPCO helps craft policies for organizations, as well as embark on larger initatives to strengthen the campus organization network.

Joint Vice President of Finance – Divyesh Gutta

The Joint Vice President of Finance (JVPF) is the chief financial advisor for both the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Government Associations. They oversee the budget process and serve as the Chair of the Joint Finance Committee.

Joint Vice President of Information Technology – Sidartha Rakuram

The Joint Vice President of Information Technology (JVPIT) focuses on developing the strategic plan for the future of academic and campus life resources at Georgia Tech. The position heads the think-tank for the development/implementation of new technologies, maintenance, and restructuring of current IT resources.

Vice President of Academic Affairs – Brielle Lonsberry

The Vice President of Academic Affairs is the official liaison between the Georgia Tech Administration and the undergraduate student body, ensuring continued progress in academic affairs at the Institute. VPAA oversees the three Academic Affairs’ committees within the executive branch of Undergraduate SGA and works closely with administration on strategic, campus-wide initiatives and goals. With the responsibility of voicing the undergraduate student body’s wants and wishes, VPAA serves on multiple Institute-Wide Committees concerning institute policy and curriculum.

Vice President of Campus Services – Kelly O’Neal

The Vice President of Campus Services works closely with all campus departments and administrators that affect student services, including Auxiliary Services, Parking & Transportation, Housing & Residence Life, Stamps, and GTPD.

Vice President of Communications – Jackson Caruso

The Vice President of Communications serves as the President’s chief advisor on student opinion. They are responsible for coordinating the various committees within the Communications Board, representing the Student Government’s voice on key issues to both administrators and students, overviewing SGA’s social media presence, and ensuring all campus stakeholders are informed of all current initiatives and proceedings within SGA.

Vice President of External Affairs – Sinet Adous

The Vice President of External Affairs focuses on increasing Georgia Tech’s presence in the surrounding community through civic engagement, community service, and collaboration with students through Atlanta and Georgia. They coordinate numerous events throughout the year that work to engage Georgia Tech students with local and state government and the surrounding Atlanta community.

Vice President of Internal Affairs – Joyce Karanouh-Schuler

The Vice President of Internal Affairs is charged with fostering a more cohesive Student Government and ensuring each organization member feels integrally involved in Student Government. The Vice President of Internal Affairs reviews the Constitution, Bylaws, and other SGA governing policies to ensure consistency and that up-to-date versions are being utilized. Additionally, the Vice President of Internal Affairs oversees the annual SGA Retreat and SGA Banquet.

Vice President of Student Life – Genny Kennedy

The Vice President of Student Life is responsible for assessing and meeting the needs to better student life on Georgia Tech’s campus and be the voice to the administration as to how to fill the gaps of needs not being met on campus.