Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Vice President of Academic Affairs – Brielle Lonsberry

Welcome to Academic Affairs! The Academic Affairs Board is comprised of Curriculum & Institute Policies, Educational Enhancement, and Faculty-Student Development Committees. The Academic Affairs Board aims to promote the academic growth and well-being of students at Georgia Tech by developing programming that addresses the current and specific needs of the student body. The board strives to create an inclusive, fair, and holistic academic environment inside and outside of the traditional classroom. Members of Academic Affairs work closely with the Georgia Tech Administration and departments across campus to implement lasting improvements to academics at Tech. As representatives of the student body, members provide a forum for students to voice their opinions, that we might better identify and address unmet needs.

Curriculum & Institute Policies Committee– Saif Kabariti

The Curriculum & Institute Policies (CIP) Committee advocates for the student body’s interest on matters of curriculum and policy across Tech’s campus. The committee continuously measures the efficiency and efficacy of policies implemented across campus to ensure effective and fair academic systems for students. Working very closely with administration and faculty, CIP has the unique opportunity to discuss student concerns as well as propose and assist in policy revision.

Past initiatives include benchmarking academic advising within all departments across campus, extending ‘Freshman Forgiveness’ to all undergraduate students, and auditing course syllabi.  

Educational Enhancement Committee– Carson Earnest

The Educational Enhancement (EE) Committee works to foster a holistic education experience that allows for exploration, collaboration, and personalization in vibrant and diverse learning environments. The committee seeks to provide and improve academic opportunities for students beyond typical classroom curriculum such as undergraduate research, international education, and co-op/internships. Members work on initiatives aimed to create healthy, productive spaces for students to pursue individualized learning experiences within the classroom.

Past initiatives include the creation of Mini-Mesters, implementing mental health curricula into GT 1000 courses, and overseeing the development of the help.gatech.edu website.

Faculty-Student Development Committee– Benjamin Ahn

The Faculty-Student Development (FSD) Committee aims to promote symbiotic relationships between students and faculty with the goal of helping shape a healthy campus culture for both units. The committee facilitates in improving communication and collaboration between faculty and students.

Past initiatives include Revolutionaries, On Our Side, Thank a Teacher Day, and faculty-student networking events.

Information about Fall 2019 Mini-mesters