Undergraduate Campus Services

Vice President of Campus Services- Kelly O’Neal

Welcome to Campus Services! We function as a liaison between the student body and the campus services administrators. Along with five committees, the VP of Campus Services advocates for improvements and projects in dining, transportation, safety, health, housing, parking, retail, the CRC, and the campus center. This division of SGA representsstudent opinion to GT administrators so that the administration makes decisions informed by students’ opinions, needs, and wishes.

Campus Enterprises Committee– Ajanta Choudhury

This committee works with administrators and contractors in dining, retail, and sustainability. By seeking student opinion, we advocate for students on matters like dining, vending, Tech Square operations, and the Community Market. Current initiatives include developing a campus dining survey, advocating for sustainability in dining operations, and encouraging more comprehensive labeling and food choices.

Health and Wellbeing Committee- Asad Abbas

This committee is a student think tank and incubator for mental health initiatives on campus. Our initiatives are aimed at expanding campus services, raising awareness, infusing mental health into curriculum, and promoting academic wellbeing.

Housing, Student Center, and CRC Committee- William Carty and Emmett Miskell

This committee engages with campus administrators across allthree departments to communicate student concerns as well as advocating for various initiatives. Current projects this committee is working on include improved communication of upcoming Campus Center construction and an easier roommate assignment process.

Infrastructure and Transportation Committee- Carl Liu

This committee strives to advance student interests with regards to public transportation, parking, and infrastructure. By interfacing with Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) as well as other relevant stakeholders, we work to improve and advance Georgia Tech’s transportation system. Current initiatives include partnering with a rideshare company, creating a roadmap to sustainable buses, and improving bike and scooter infrastructure.

Student Safety Committee- Caleb Torres

This committee voices student opinion and concerns to GTPD, advisory boards, Parking & Transportation Services, and Capital Planning & Space Management. We work alongside these administrators to create a safer campus environment. Current efforts include the Campus Safety Survey (2019) and transportation safety improvements.