Undergraduate Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff – Alice Francis

Welcome to the page of the Chief of Staff! The role of the Chief of Staff is largely defined by the needs of the organization for the given year. Most importantly, the role is to represent the interests of the President and Executive Vice President both internally and externally to Student Government. This happens through various meetings, projects, and conversations taken part in with people all across campus. In addition, the Chief of Staff helps create and take on special projects that may not necessarily fall in the mission of other positions. The Chief of Staff works in the space between other Cabinet members, often connecting people and projects with the resources they need to be successful. Previous examples of the role of the Chief of Staff include serving on different Institute-Wide Committees (IWCs), organizing Senior Week, leading the Home for the Holidays initiatives, and serving as a primary advisor to the Undergraduate President and Executive Vice President.

Internal Restructuring- Kristian Lockyear