Undergraduate Communications

Vice President of Communications- Jackson Caruso

Welcome to SGA Communications! Communications is responsible for ensuring the campus community is knowledgeable about SGA, our resources, events, and opportunities to engage with students. Our Board is comprised of the SGA Photographer,Public Relations, Graphic Design, and Special Events. This group works with all parts of SGA to assist with the promotion and execution of events, developing and maintaining a consistent brand image of SGA, organizing the annual SGA Week (Fall) and I <3 GT Week (Spring), and maintaining communication between SGA and the student body.

Public Relations Committee- Eric Mei and Jathan Caldwell

The Public Relations Committee works to manage the SGA social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit) to help promote events, interact with the Student Body, and make our social media a way for students to connect with SGA. Additionally, the Public Relations Committee finds new and creative ways to engage with the campus community and disseminate information about SGA.

Graphics Committee– Allie Farrelly and Hannah Grove

The Graphic Design Committee collaborates to create all of SGA’s branding, logos, graphics, information packets, and social media posts for any group within the organization. Through platforms like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, the Committee is tasked with branding SGA and designing all materials students interface with.

Special Events Committee– Palak Patel

The Special Events Committee assists in promoting SGA through various events throughout the school year. From “SGA Week” in the fall to “I <3 GT Week” in the Spring, the Special Events Committee collaborates with groups inside SGA as well as other Offices across campus, including Student Engagement, to find creative and innovative ways to bring awareness to the work SGA does, as well as provide the campus community with opportunities to interact with Student Government.  

SGA Photographers- Connor Awald and Reggie Slater

The SGA Photography Committee serves as the chief recorder of SGA events, as well as members. The Photography Committee rotates and works to attend SGA events and collects headshots of SGA members. New initiatives include videography work to spotlight various members of the organization– from the Executive Cabinet to UHR Representatives and Committee members.

SGA Week 2019
I <3 GT Week 2020