Undergraduate Internal Affairs

Vice President of Internal Affairs- Joyce Karanouh-Schuler

Welcome to Internal Affairs! Our Board is comprised of the Leadership Development and Alumni Relations committees, and FreshGA. This past semester, we have been focusing on the internal development of our members and the overall effectiveness & efficiency of our organization. To start the year, we collected data on members perception and understanding of SGA, vision and goals, and leadership skills. Insights from this data have helped to identify areas of improvement for our organization. Additionally, all four Internal Affairs committees have introduced programming to further improve the experience of all 200+ SGA members as they progress through the SGA pipeline.

Leadership Development Committee- Connor Cole

The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for systematically providing each SGA member with personal and team-based opportunities that will enhance leadership potential. To achieve this, the Committee hosts a mentorship program where our youngest and newest SGA members were paired with more experienced mentors. The Committee runs an opt-in SGA-wide program, too. The Committee has also been working diligently on Leadership Mini-courses. These programmatic series allow members access to training in various leadership skills. For example, this semester, the committee will partner with our Graduate SGA counterpart to introduce financial literacy workshops.

Alumni Relations Committee- Shivam Desai

The Alumni Relations Committee is responsible for connecting and informing alumni about the current actions of the Student Government Association. The purpose of this committee is to also contact alumni on their willingness to donate to the current operations of the Student Government Association.

This past semester, the committee focused on developing sustained alumni relationships, instead of purely financially based ones. This has led to the growth of the alumni contact database and establishing more opportunities for SGA alumni to connect with undergraduate organization.

Additionally, in November, they produced the 1st of our SGA-Alumni Newsletters, updating the alumni on the holistic SGA impact. This semester, the committee hopes to plan multiple events for alumni, and solicit feedback on how SGA can continue to partner with them. We plan to send out two newsletters this semester, establishing the consistency and trust necessary to sustain relationships. Lastly, the committee will aim to establish ten paid sponsor relationships

FreShGA- Head Advisor- Mark Glass

FreShGA is one of SGAs main outreach and pipeline programs for finding, training, and development first-year students. This past fall semester, the 30member organization was restructured to become an official part of SGA. This restructuring strategically aligned the first-year students with broader SGA initiatives by having all FreShGA members join SGA Executive committees, engage in SGA mentoring, and attend at least 2 UHR meetings.

Additionally, FreShGA has their own initiatives. FreShGA plans The Final Stand (formerly One Night Stand), an all-campus event where students participate in a competitive sporting tournament at the Campus Recreation Center. The purpose of this event is for Georgia Tech students to destress before finals while getting exercise and a study break! Leading up to the event, members of FreShGA reach out to local vendors and businesses to fundraise and acquire merchandise and items for students who attend the event. Using these funds, FreShGA provides t-shirts and free food as well as concert tickets, iPads, and other prices.

In the spring, FreShGA will choose, investigate, and benchmark a campus issue, and present their findings and recommendations before UHR and the Executive Cabinet.