Undergraduate President

Student Body President – Pooja Juvekar

Welcome to the page of the Undergraduate Student Body President! The President oversees and assists the Executive Cabinet in their campus projects and initiatives, and represents Georgia Tech both on and off campus. Additionally, the President ensures student representation on committees of the faculty and other Institute boards, oversees the SGA Joint Sexual Violence Advisory Committee (JSVAC), and manages the SGA Elections Committee alongside the Undergraduate Chief Justice.

Joint Sexual Violence Advisory Committee (JSVAC)- Aiman Shahab

The JSVAC is an inclusive and diverse SGA-led student committee, originally formed as a branch of the Sexual Violence Prevention Alliance (SVPA) as a result of the Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence recommendations. JSVAC’s vision is to create a campus where all students, faculty, and staff are protected and supported on all matters related to sexual and domestic violence.This committee serves as the eyes and ears on the ground about what is happening on campus with regard to sexual violence and related policies, and regularly connects with senior administration, faculty, and staff to ensure that the student needs are being met. The Committee also tracks and recommends changes in policy from the Federal and State to System and Institute levels.