Graduate Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of Graduate Student Government represents the voice of the graduate student body to the faculty, administration, staff, and others inside the Georgia Tech community. The Executive Branch sets the tone for the Graduate Student Government, while planning and executing goals and activities that meet student needs.

The operation of the Executive Branch is overseen by the Graduate Student Body President, and the Graduate Student Executive Vice President. These two officers further lead the Executive Board, Standing and Ad-hoc Committees alike, and other representatives designated to sit on Institute committees and boards. The Board discusses upcoming legislation and advises the President and Vice President on matters of importance to the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) and the Georgia Tech community. Three positions are shared between the Graduate Student Government and the Undergraduate Student Government (USG): the Vice President of Finance, the Vice President of Campus Organizations and the Coordinating Officer.

The Vice President of Finance serves as the financial advisor to the GSS and Undergraduate House of Representatives (UHR), and oversees the process of budgeting the student activity fee money. The SGA is charged with allocating this money, but the Joint Finance Committee recommends all spending to the GSS and the UHR.

The President, with the assistance of the Executive Vice President, appoints all graduate committee chairs and graduate representatives to Institute committees and also fills all vacant senator positions, with the consent of the Senate

Executive Members

President – Narayan Shirolkar

The President shall: be the spokesperson for the graduate student body in all Government affairs and in student relations with the administration; be responsible for the activities of all Standing and Ad-hoc Committees which are a part of the Executive Branch; have positive appointment powers for all Graduate members of Joint Standing Committees, Standing Committees, and Institute Committees; and appoint new Senators and members of the Judiciary with the advice and consent of the Senate. The President will further have the power to remove from office any appointed student, except for the Judiciary members, with the advice and consent of the Senate. The President shall submit proper and necessary legislation to the Senate and shall have the power to transact routine business that is in the best interest of the graduate student body. The President shall have the power to appoint and disband Ad-hoc Committees with the advice and consent of the Senate. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees.

Executive Vice President – Aroua Gharbi

The Executive Vice President shall assist in the performance of the President’s duties, and in the absence of the President, the Executive Vice President shall assume those duties. The Executive Vice President shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees.

Chief of Staff – Will Sealy

The Chief of Staff works with the President and Vice President, and represents their interests at meetings, on action items, or any agenda. The Chief of Staff works with other Executive Cabinet members in various committees to work for grad interests. The Chief of Staff works between SGA, administrators, and faculty. The Chief of Staff prepares and executes all regular and special elections for the Government, to maintain the Elections Code, and to investigate violations of the Elections Code.

Vice President of Academic and Research Affairs – George Tan

The Vice President of Academic and Research Affairs serves on academic committees and works to promote and support graduate research across all disciplines.

Senate Chair – Becca Berge

The Chair of the Senate presides over GSGA meetings, including administering the oath of office to new Senators, calling the Senate to order, preserving order and decorum within the Senate chamber, recognizing members to speak on the Senate floor, and making rulings about Senate procedures. The Chair furthermore advises the Government on matters of parliamentary procedure, Georgia Tech rules and regulations, and amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws. The Chair also creates and manages the voter polls in GSS.

Vice President of Campus Services –
Ian Helfrich

The Vice President of Campus Services is responsible for working with auxiliary service departments that are a part of Georgia Tech Campus Services, to promote graduate student well-being. The Vice President of Campus Services represents the graduate student on advisory committees of the auxiliary service departments.

Vice President of Graduate Communications – Renee Shelby

The Vice President of Graduate Communications is tasked with establishing and enhancing communication about Graduate SGA issues to the rest of the student body. This includes managing Graduate SGA social media such as Facebook and Twitter, helps oversee solicitations of op-eds for the Graduate Student column in the Technique, as well as, the Grad Word.

Vice President of Graduate Conference Funds – Jyotsna Ramachandran

The Vice President of the Graduate Conference Funds shall be responsible for the administration of the Graduate Conference Fund, the Career Development Fund, and the Undergraduate Conference Fund, which allocates money to graduate and undergraduate students who attend conferences.

Vice President of Graduate Events – Harshit Daga

The Vice President of Graduate Events shall be responsible for organization and execution of the graduate student orientation (Fall), Grad Picnic (Fall), CRIDC (Spring), GSGA town halls, budget meetings, and any additional graduate social events throughout the year. The VP of Graduate Events also serves as chair of the CRIDC Committee and sits on the Student Activity Committee (SAC) that reviews new constitutions and constitutional updates of student organizations.

Vice President of Government Affairs – Troy Batugal

The Vice President of Government Affairs will interface with Georgia Tech’s Government Relations office, national graduate student organizations, and the GT Graduate Body to relay information relating to Federal and State initiatives that affect graduate students.

Treasurer – Jyotsna Ramachandran

The Treasurer maintains the record of all Student Government financial transactions, prepares the Graduate Student Government annual budget, and advises the President on financial policy. The Treasurer is also a member of the Joint Finance Committee (JFC), serves as the GSS organizational finance liaison, and manages GSGA finances and the Graduate Legislative Reserve (GLR).

Joint Vice President of Finance – Divyesh Gutta

The Vice President of Finance sits on both the Undergraduate and Graduate Executive Boards, and is a joint position appointed by the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Body Presidents. The VPF serves dual roles at the Joint Finance Committee Chair and the Financial Advisor for all branches of Student Government.

Joint Vice President of Campus Organizations – Venkatesh Muppaneni

The Vice President of Campus Organizations is jointly appointed, and serves as chair of the Joint Campus Organizations Committee. The JVPCO works with both the undergraduate and graduate student government associations to meet the needs for campus organizations. This includes overseeing the chartering process for new organizations alongside the Center for Student Engagement. The JVPCO takes on initiatives to improve how organizations work throughout the year and oversees the Joint Campus Organization Committee, the JCOC Policy, and multidisciplinary status requests during budget seasons.

Joint Vice President of Information Technology – Sidartha Rakuram

The Vice President of Information Technology focuses on developing the strategic plan for the future of academic and campus technology resources at Georgia Tech. Considering the changes in the software industry and Institute policy, as well as the effects of these resources upon students, this person is responsible for the continuation and stability of all IT resources under the position. This position will head the think-tank and the development and implementation of new technologies, maintenance and restructuring of current IT resources, and will interface with the Communications team for updating SGA’s website.